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In Thing Turns Two: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Blogging

Can you believe it?! My little baby In Thing is two already! When I started my blogging journey I expected to learn more about fashion, the blogging business/ world, technology etc. I never expected it to impact me so much on a personal level. To my surprise, blogging has forced me to dig deep and bring out sides of me that I never knew existed. I’m so grateful for the lessons and I want to share the gems I’ve learnt and still learning along the way.

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Be Vulnerable

Naturally, I’m a very private person who only shares my full self with a select few. But blogging requires me to be way more open and expressive since I’m sharing my life and passions with the world. I’ve learned that the only way to connect with people is to let your guard down and let them see you. Though this is still scary for me, blogging has pushed me to be more expressive and open to sharing who I am. I will say that being open has gotten easier for me the more and more I practice sharing my thoughts, creativity, and promoting my work. Looking forward to the day when it becomes second nature.

Invest In Yourself

Invest in yourself business wise and on a personal level. As an entrepreneur or someone who has a dream to bring into fruition its crucial to invest in yourself. Whether that be through investing money into your goals or investing time into the growth of your dream. Either way, it’s important to give some extra care to what you believe in. Personally, take the time to get to know and love yourself because it makes it easier to navigate life and relationships. Once you know your worth and the way you are supposed to be treated no one can give you less than you deserve. I’ve invested in myself by learning more about blogging through taking courses and setting aside the time to learn more about the business of blogging. Personally, I always take the time to check-in with myself to see how I am really feeling outside of blogging, family, and friends.  

Be Organized

Once I started blogging in an organized way In Thing really turned around for the better. It took large amounts of stress and anxiety off of me because I had a plan that acted as a guided for me. I knew what was ahead and what could be added or improved because it was all mapped out. To plan, I started creating an editorial calendar for each month where I decide which posts will go live on a specific date. Being organized also freed up my time to plan better, which allowed me to create more creative content. Ultimately, being organized only prepares you for success because it ensures you are always ready / prepared for the next blessing to come your way.

Be Inspired

People think that creatives are magically always inspired and while this is somewhat true, it’s not always the case. For me, inspiration comes in waves, some days I’m inspired by every little thing and other times it’s like a drought. Because I know how my inspiration bank flows, I write down every single idea I get no matter what I’m doing. Later on, I always go back to my ideas bank to see what’s there and what I can expand on. To me inspiration is very important because it keeps me alive, it keeps me going and it gives me hope. I gain inspiration from looking at photos (hence the reason I’m on Instagram way too often), being out in nature, going to the museums, watching interviews, seeing people win in life, and simply just living and interacting with people and situations. Find what inspires you and hold onto it because it can be a major driving force in your life.

Use The Internet

This tip may seem like what is she talking about?? But the internet is really your best friend. Most of what I’ve learned about blogging, I’ve found online. This is a free tool that’s available to most of us 24/7, which is something to take advantage of. Use the internet to research and learn about things you don’t know, to connect with people you are genuinely interested in, and to promote yourself and your work. It’s really been a huge huge part of the wins I’ve had so far so never sleep on the internet.

Nothing Goes As Planned

Since day one of blogging I’ve realized no matter how much I plan, nothing goes as planned. Nothing goes exactly the way I want it to go, in the exact order I plan for it to go. I’ve learned that this is not a negative thing, it’s just the way life works. Life will always play off the way it’s meant to, it doesn’t matter what you have planned. I’m not saying that plans aren’t necessary because they absolutely are, but I learned to let things flow naturally. Sometimes, the things you didn’t plan for is way better than what you planned. In short, life happens, let it go and keep moving forward.

Be Fearless

There’s really no point in being fearful about anything really. I’m sure some of your worst fears have come to the pass yet here you are still living and breathing lol. Now, this is easier said than done and is something I’m still working on. But one thing I’ve learned is to always ask for what you want. The worst thing that someone can say is no. It’s always better to take the chance and be rejected than to not take the chance and wonder “what if?” for the rest of eternity. Everything that I’ve accomplished in blogging or life, in general, has come to fruition because I was fearless. And even if I was shaking in my boots I went ahead and worked through the fear anyway to get what I wanted. Nobody is going to give you handouts. Speak up, be brave, and ask for what you want. A reminder to you and myself.

Patience Is Key

This one I’m learning slowly but surely. I’m someone that tends to always want instant gratification and if I can’t physically see results I get frustrated. But blogging has definitely taught me to relax, be humble, and wait. Great things take time and nothing comes overnight. After two years of blogging, I’ve seen that very lesson play out right before my eyes. My growth and success thus far have come by step my step, lesson after lesson, failure after failure. It definitely took time to get to where I am now and I was only able to get this far by having patience and waiting for all my hard work to be a little more tangible.

Be Grateful

You can’t expect to have more without appreciating what you already have. Plus, every single thing that we possess is a gift, we are not entitled to anything including a good life, family, friends, a job, joy, ability, love. Either you are blessed with these beautiful gifts or you work for them. Being genuinely grateful opens up the floodgates to receiving more precious gifts and blessings. So Never take anything for granted because it can be taken away. Nothing is owed to you. Be thankful for every single thing. No matter how small it may seem to you.

Give Back / Help Others

We are all in this thing together, trying to be better every day. If you have knowledge, resources, funds or anything that can help someone don’t be afraid to share it. I’ve learned so much from other bloggers and people in my life that has transformed my blog and who I am as a person for the better. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for those kind souls that were generous enough to help me. Sharing your wealth will only be beneficial to you and the person you’re helping. Never be that stingy person holding onto all the goods only for their gain. You never win that way. With that said, if you need blogging help, don’t be afraid to ask me. I’ve got some of the answers lol.

I hope some of these tips stick with you and help you along your journey. I started In Thing to inspire people to live their dreams and to know that doing so is possible for everyone. Don’t ever let go of it, or think that dreams are only reserved for a select set of people. Everyone is born with a special gift/ purpose that they have to carry out. Find yours and carry it out to its full potential. I can’t wait to see all of you blossom into who you are meant to be. Let’s keep shining and styling together! Plus, so much good stuff is on the way, I’ve only just scratched the surface. If that!


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